Evolution Dance

Dancing in the moonlight

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has a hidden gem: a dance studio that rivals them all. With some of the most distinguished dancers in Canada, Evolution Dance Studios is a household name within their industry.

Like many businesses, Evolution Dance had trailed behind with their digital marketing and how they were meeting the needs of their target market. They needed a new focus, and an agency to help them navigate to their desired goal: #1 online. As such, Mindless Tower was ecstatic to work with the EDS team in refreshing their website design and development, as well as introducing a host of new marketing collateral for the studio to indeed distinguish themselves as a class of their own.

Let’s dance

With thousands of online visitors per day, Evolution Dance welcomes their digital transformation with open arms. Their revitalized site has given EDS a strong foundation which is being used to further propel their growth.

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