Media Planning & Buying

Mindless Tower is a web design and development company and much more besides. We use our experience and expertise to design and create innovative marketing campaigns for clients in a wide range of sectors. Many digital agencies make the same kind of claim, but Mindless Tower is different. The key to that difference is that we create custom campaigns for each client, utilising the power of paid advertising results to deliver measurable business results.

  • Google / Bing Campaigns Management
  • PPC/CPM Strategy Development
  • PPC/CPM Audits
  • Display Network
  • Remarketing / Retargeting
  • Native Ads Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Facebook/LinkedIn Campaigns
  • eCommerce Ads
  • PPC Instagram/Twitter
Google / Bing Campaigns Management
A pay per click campaign puts your business in touch with relevant consumers searching online. We’ll manage your search marketing campaigns in a way that brings in an impressive Return on Investment.
PPC/CPM Strategy Development
We can pull together a marketing strategy and create a detailed and practical plan for your online marketing campaigns. Our expertise and hands on experience will help you to avoid costly mistakes at the same time as making the most of every opportunity to boost your bottom line.
PPC/CPM Audits
We’ll run a top to bottom audit of your existing campaigns, seeking out any areas of underperformance or wasted spending. At the same time, our experts will identify the things you can do better in order to maximize income.
Display Network
We’ll run a top to bottom audit of your existing campaigns, seeking out any areas of underperformance or wasted spending. At the same time, our experts will identify the things you can do batter in order to maximize income.
Remarketing / Retargeting
We offer state of the art behavioural and demographical targeting to create remarketing and retargeting campaigns designed to get back in touch with the right prospect at the right moment. Work with our experts and cutting edge technology to cut client acquisition costs and make your brand reach further.
Native Ads Management
When we work with native ads we utilise a combination of smart bidding algorithms and leading online targeting technologies. The result is an increase in leads and incremental traffic that you can rely upon. The power of everything you spend on Native Ads with Mindless Tower will be reflected right there on your bottom line.
Conversion Optimization
When someone visits your website you want to be able to turn them from a visitor to a consumer. Our data driven tests will tweak and adjust elements of your website in a way which makes the conversion from visitor to consumer more frequent. Generating traffic costs money, and our conversion optimization will ensure that the money you spend helps to build your share of the market.
Facebook/LinkedIn Campaigns
If you get the details right then a paid social campaign could have a huge positive impact on your marketing efforts. Our experts know how social media works, and we’ll use that knowledge to shape a campaign that magnifies your online brand and pulls in revenue.
eCommerce Ads
An ecommerce paid marketing strategy is a necessity for any modern business. Work with the experts at Mindless Tower to harness our experience and technology to create that strategy and drive your sales higher.
PPC Instagram/Twitter
We understand the power of specific social media platforms, and the way that they can be utilized to target vital younger demographics. Our experts will help to turn your Twitter and Instagram accounts from an optional extra to a powerful marketing source.
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What is Mindless

Total: We look at every aspect of your marketing and sales.

Onside: We create a genuine partnership dedicated to hitting your business targets.

People: We’re experts in human beings as well as technology – because we understand You, we’ll understand what You need.