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iOS App Development

Feature packed, high performance, expertly designed user experiences, all in the palm of your hands. Bring on the challenge!

Your product or enterprise mobility application couldn’t be in better hands. Our iPhone app development team is there for you every step of the way. From specification building to prototyping, designing, development, and marketing. Our Apple app development lab is specifically designed for organizations that are looking for something more than just a development team, something more than an agency – you’re here because you’re looking for a seamless experience, you’re looking for a team that has done this a thousand times. You are looking for a technology partner, and you’ve found us.

Engaging an iOS app development company that is a right fit for your organization makes all the difference. Our developers take a holistic approach to your project, by considering what others don’t: business analysis, market analysis, UX research and testing, debugging, growth planning – you can see why we’re different from the rest.

Your partner in success:
iOS App Design

Before your development starts, we help you understand the best practices from a UX perspective, and take on your business challenge with a marketing hat (marketing research to support your design choices – get it right the first time). Our iOS app design team has the experience you need! 

iOS Application Testing

Our QA team uses a mix of automated as well as manual testing tools. We’re committed to help you improve the functionality and performance of your application. We even take it one step further and will undergo a rigorous market research consultation to help you understand how users interact with your app and how to attain your success. Our Apple iOS developers make this process smooth and painless for your orgnaization. 

iOS Application Development

At the Mindless Tower iOS lab, our development experts are well equipped to manage multi-thread environments, building out complex concepts, and leading your application to its release. We are a mobile app development company in Canada and are ready to take on any challenge!

iOS Application Maintenance

Your total cost of ownership for your iOS application can be drastically reduced with regular maintenance. With a proactive approach, you can rely on our team to keep your application secure, optimized, and updated. 

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About Mindless Tower
About Mindless Tower

Mindless Tower is a digital and marketing consultancy with an impressive arm of agency services. We go beyond a traditional consulting capacity and ofter unmatched creative, development, and marketing services. With combined forces, we tackle complex challenges and implement the latest of web and interactive technologies into your organization.


It all starts with your strategy. We’ve realized throughout the years that for our work to be useful and provide a tangible ROI we must focus on strategy. Beyond a typical discovery call where most agencies only skim the surface of your business, we ingrain ourselves into your shoes, and we take the time to dissect every piece of what you are currently doing. We figure out the missing pieces. Only then can we start to identify the correct channels, positioning, and technologies to deliver on your objectives.


We create original, memorable and distinct experiences that reflect your core business values. We reach beyond beautiful design: we design for optimal user experience. Your brand represents your business. It has a personality embodying its values and culture. We help our clients tell their story by delivering an experience that is unmistakably recognizable and unique.


Our development team work directly with our strategists, marketing experts, designers, and project managers. Development is never linear. However, through thousands of projects, we believe that we’ve mastered our process. We understand the complexities that may arise from changing needs and demonstrate agility to meet your requirements.


Technology has been progressing at an exponential rate. It’s hard to keep up with all of the channels that exist nowadays and avoid being lost in the noise. Our objective for any client we work with is to make their organization heard. How do we do this? Well, there’s no clear-cut answer because every organization is its own animal.