Guerrilla marketing for IT solutions

Mindless Tower @mindlesstower

A buzzword which we often hear is “Guerilla Marketing.” Often, our clients don’t know what this means. So, we’re taking this opportunity to explain the concept and provide an example of Guerilla Marketing for B2B IT organizations.


What does Guerilla Marketing mean?


In a nutshell, you’re looking at a low cost, yet highly innovative (designed for maximum exposure) campaigns. These types of campaigns have gained alot of traction amongst technology companies in the past 10 years because of their creative nature and how they force marketing managers to think outside of the box to maximize their ROI.


Examples of  Guerilla Marketing campaigns


Salesforce is the largest and most popular CRM solutions in the world. Looking back to its launch in 2000, it was a small company with not much of a name. During the year 2000,  the Salesforce marketing team decided to build up a guerilla marketing campaign to disrupt their industry. By using their ‘End of Software’ campaign, Salesforce effectively differentiated themselves from enterprise software. Their claim was that enterprise software is a thing of the past and that cloud-based applications are the way to go.

Another example is that of Zoho, another CRM provider.

Zoho leveraged their attendance at an event called  “Dreamforce” to gain access to thousands of delegates (and potential clients) it attracted. Their guerilla marketing campaign was the following:


  • Free pedicab rides for delegates  (the conference was sprawled across several blocks and so delegates needed transportation between venues)
  • Giving away free hot food to delegates. They included napkins with a call-to-action message (one aimed at men, below, and one aimed at women):