Cloud Managed Networks

Simplifying IT

Cloud Managed has earned a reputation of not merely being a technology reseller or support provider but as a trusted professional adviser. They have grown from a small team to a dominating Canadian Cisco partner.  Mindless Tower is fortunate enough to be part of Cloud Managed Networks’ journey to success. We have worked closely with the CMN team to ensure that all parts of their brand and marketing are consistent throughout the organization, and on all touch points with their customers.

Distinction amongst many.

The challenge was clear cut: “make us different.” Cloud Managed Networks did not want to be left in the dust or overlooked by large enterprises. They needed a strong brand, and a consistent message to help them become memorable when competing for business, head to head with tech giants such as IBM, CDW, BELL, and others. With a laser-like focus and vision, the Mindless Tower team was able to identify areas for CMN to work on quickly, and within a week, work had commenced. In record time, their newly launched web presence was gaining traction, and they were being recognized as innovators in their field.

Simplify IT

To date, Cloud Managed Networks has experienced tremendous growth! We're incredibly proud to say that Cloud Managed Networks is not just a client to us, but truly a partner.

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