Setting the bar, and dancing on it

The Greater Toronto Area’s most distinguished dance studio houses some of Canada’s most talented dancers. With thousands of awards, it’s easy to see why Evolution Dance Stu...

Fashion forward - leading by example:

Style TBD is no regular men’s fashion boutique. With a keen eye for detail and a unique approach of a referral only or invite only, they are an avant-garde, uber-exc...


A digital & marketing consultancy for a new era

Pull back the curtains behind the web, and we’re there behind the scenes. Mindless Tower is a digital and marketing consultancy with an impressive arm of agency services. We go beyond a traditional consulting capacity and ofter unmatched creative, development, and marketing services. With combined forces, we tackle complex challenges and implement the latest of web and interactive technologies into your organization. Be ahead of the curve with industry-leading consultants that live, breath, and work with leading-edge technologies. 


Strategy: without a strategy, you have nothing. A best-case scenario is that your team will be guessing where to invest its funds and obtain mediocre results. Our highly qualified digital and marketing consultants research your industry, provide actionable insights, and lead you to a plan that is ready to implement. 

Creative: We create original, memorable and distinct experiences that reflect your core business values. We reach beyond beautiful design: we design for optimal user experience.

Development: Our development team work directly with our strategists, marketing experts, designers, and project managers. Development is never linear. However, through thousands of projects, we believe that we’ve mastered our process.

Marketing: technology has been progressing at an exponential rate. It’s hard to keep up with all of the channels that exist nowadays and avoid being lost in the noise. Our objective for any client we work with is to make their organization heard.



Digital Marketing – The lifeblood of your small-medium businesses

  The tactics you used last year may not work or yield the same results in 2018/2019. As you plan ahead for your marketing plan, you ma...

Do we NEED an App? – The road not taken

With the proliferation of mobile applications and the popularity of browsing on a mobile rather than a laptop/desktop, many organizations (s...

Mobile First Approach in Digital Transformation

Planning a website design is a herculean task. A hodgepodge of your vision, your audience, content, and a whole bunch of other components mu...

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